Sheep, Standing, Stone Sheep, Standing, Stone
Barry Andersen
When the World Stopped Turning When the World Stopped Turning
David Rosenthall
County Clare County Clare
Diane Kruer
The New Elephant The New Elephant
Guennadi Maslov
Referent #20 Referent #20
Joel Whitaker
Anamorphosis Series #1 Anamorphosis Series #1
Jymi Bolden
Lascaux Cave Wall Lascaux Cave Wall
Nancy Rexroth
Hero #1 Hero #1
Shawn Scully
Blind Spot Blind Spot
Kimberly Burleigh
Untitled Baby #2 Untitled Baby #2
Diana Duncan Holmes
Good Pet Good Pet
Barbara Houghton
Eternal Passage Eternal Passage
Cal Kowal